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About Us

Welcome To Green University Tunis

Who are we?

Green Univer Sity is a non-resident limited company, headquartered in the Republic of Tunisia, registered under No. 1479089N, and it is an institution specialized in investment services, public relations, market studies, feasibility and legal advice.

Our vision?

The vision of Green Univer Sity is based on three basic dimensions:

The first dimension:

that Africa is the continent of the future, and that investing in Africa is the most profitable investment compared to anywhere else in the world.

The second dimension:

that clean investment that is committed to respecting the sovereignty and laws of states, as well as international law, is the best investment. Profit should take into account human rights and not be at the expense of human life.

The third dimension:

that the green economy is the best type of economy, and that investing in it is an investment in both people and the future.

Our mission?

Green Univer Sity is looking forward to employing its experience and network of relationships in various continents of the world to contribute to the renaissance and progress of Africa in its various countries and regions, and to help the flow of investment movement, whether it is related to the movement of capital or human competencies in various areas of development, and from here we worked to participate in the success of projects Governmental and non-governmental organizations and building bridges of development cooperation between the various public, private and participatory sectors.

Our services?

Green Univer Sity offers its clients from government and private parties many services, the most important of which are:

Investment service:

introducing projects and working to find adequate funding for their implementation nationally, regionally and internationally.

- Study services:

carrying out market and feasibility studies and building financial plans.

- Consulting services:

providing legal, tax and investment advice.

- Mediation services:

bridging the gap between the investor and the owners of projects and ideas and facilitating communication between the parties to the investment process, and between exporters and suppliers.

- Representation services:

carrying out prosecution and proxy services, and representing governmental and non-governmental parties in investment and trade affairs.

Our interests:

- Infrastructure and reconstruction projects - Higher education, professional training and training projects - Energy and renewable energies projects - Housing, health and education projects - Industrial and agricultural projects - Administrative reform projects - Tourism projects, especially green tourism


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Contact us?

Requests for advice in various areas of the company's activity can be submitted by contacting the company's management:

Phone: +224664999991 +216.52777888